Last year I published a series of youtube videos to explain with demos and whiteboard the Azure SQL Database Networking. I used SQL DB as an example for PaaS service however the same concepts apply on many other PaaS services. In this post, I want to add them together with intro to each video as a reference.

In the first video, I discussed SQL DB without service endpoint or private link and how can we secure the network access.

Azure SQL Database Network Security

In the second video, introduced the service endpoint and what it really means. The most important point is the effect of service endpoint on the subnet by observing the effective routes. Also what are the limitations of the service endpoint would need private link to overcome.

Azure SQL Database Network Security - Service Endpoint

To overcome the limitations of the service endpoint, private link was introduced. Here I’m testing the effect of private link

Azure SQL Database Network Security - Private Link

In this last video, I discussed a hacking technique to link on-prem to Azure SQL DB through a VNET without using private endpoint. This technique was only needed before the introduction of private endpoint. Highly not recommended now of course because it lacks high availability and scalability but watching the video should give you solid understanding of it.

Azure SQL Database & SSH Tunneling